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Piano Tuning Incentive Program- SAVE money on your piano tuning!

Open Grand Piano with Tuning Hammer

We are introducing our Piano Tuning Incentive Program.

Having your piano tuned annually is important to maintain your piano’s integrity and preserve it for future generations, and for that reason we are giving you an incentive to have it done!

How you can SAVE on piano tunings:

  • We will contact you annually to let you know it’s time to have your piano tuned. If you schedule immediately or call back within 1 week to schedule an appointment within a reasonable time frame, you will receive 20% ($25) off of your next piano tuning!
  • Word of mouth is vital to small business development and growth.  For every referral you make to Volunteer Piano, up to 4 per year, you will receive 20% ($25) off of your next tuning.  Just have them mention your name when they call and schedule a piano tuning!
  • If you refer four people AND contact us within a week of your annual call to schedule your tuning, then your piano tuning is FREE!
  • If you prefer to have your piano tuned every six months, up to 8 referrals per year can be applied to secure your FREE piano tunings.

*After your first piano tuning, we will contact you annually to remind you that it’s time to have your piano tuned.

We want to thank you again for your business and look forward to working with you and your family!