Volunteer Piano

Testimonials from our Customers

“Recently, I stopped in a local music store to get a recommendation for a piano tuner. My 53 year old piano had not been tuned in over ten years, and two keys were not playable. I was told by the salesman that it would be too expensive to repair my piano, and that I needed to just buy a new one. I didn’t like that answer as this is my childhood piano. Luckily,  I learned of Josh Gaither at Volunteer Piano. After two tunings at a mere cost of $200, my piano is as good as new.  I am so happy to be able to play it for many years to come.”

~Patricia Harris

“Well… There is something people say about being in the right place at the right time. I tend to dislike cliches, and there is always more to any given situation, but I cannot deny there are times when fate appears to nudge people when they are most unawares. I happened to be unawares in a co-worker’s offsite warehouse one day when they were “cleaning house.” There in a dirty off-white cinder-block hallway sat a dingy old beaten-down green upright piano. It was “destined for the dumpster” I was told. It was way beyond ”out of tune.” Ivory key tops were missing. It had been painted many coats of a sickly pale green color many years prior, and all of the brush-strokes were clearly visible. It must have been in a smoking home for many years as all of the paint valleys were overlayed in sticky brown tar. The upper front board was detached. But it appeared all of the essential parts were there… It also had quite a bit of age to it – and without really knowing for sure – it just seemed to me something worth saving. I had always wanted a piano, but could never afford one; so without even consulting my wife <> I decided this ill-fated musical instrument deserved a second chance! I put her in the capable hands of Mr. Joshua Gaither. We agreed on a finish color, and he went straight to work! I must say that we were both very pleasantly surprised to find highly-figured tiger-flamed oak underneath the horrible blanket of oil and tar! Once Josh refinished in a deep rich red stain – the beauty was more than I ever could have hoped for!

I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with not only how this Hamilton finally turned out, but also with Mr. Gaither’s extremely pleasant attitude and willingness to involve me in every step of the process. He also delivered and did the final tunings to bring it to final perfection in its ultimate home. He was a true professional throughout. Thank you so very much Josh! And keep those classics ALIVE!”

~ Giff and Brooke Swart

“Josh Gaither and his company Volunteer Piano represent a commitment to quality that we are pleased to pass along to our students at the school. In fact, he has done such superb work at the school, I asked him to tune my piano at home. He does excellent work, is punctual, respectful and entirely professional.”

~ Frank Graffeo, Diretor @ The Joy of Music