piano-tuningDid you know that regular piano tunings are the #1 WAY to prolong the life of your piano? It’s like changing the oil in your car! And you may not know that a piano will go out of tune whether or not it’s played regularly. This is due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity and happens to ALL pianos, old and new. Ideally, a piano should be tuned 4 times a year with the changing of the seasons, but we suggest that you have your piano tuned AT LEAST every 6 months to 1 year, depending on how often it is played. If you have a piano because of it’s sentimental value instead of an instrument you play, keep in mind that value is based on good condition, which is maintained by regular tunings.

You should not bypass regular tunings because it will cause strings to pop, the soundboard to break, and additional rough tunings called PITCH RAISES will be required. But most of all, constant string tension, provided by regular tunings, is crucial to keep all of the piano parts intact, which could be very expensive to fix.

Another bonus to regular tunings is that the piano technician can keep an eye on the thousands of intricate piano parts, thus they can catch a small problem before it leads to major damage- this will save you BIG BUCKS in the long run!

So if it’s been 6 months to a year-OR LONGER- since your piano has been tuned, call me, Josh Gaither, to schedule an appointment: 865-765-TUNE (8863)

*Volunteer Piano also services, restores, and repurposes pianos of all ages, makes, and models! Stay posted for projects, pictures, updates, and more piano maintenance tips.