We are proud to announce our newest project: an 1890 Sohmer and Sons upright piano restoration brought to us by Knox Heritage! It came from the historic Westwood House at the edge of Sequoyah Hills. What a treasure…

historic westwood piano
Cabinet Grand Piano

This high-quality instrument was built in 1890- the same year that the Westwood Mansion was completed. The outside of this upright is absolutely beautiful: no cracking or peeling of the finish is evident, the condition of the wood is pristine, and the decorative hand-carved legs enhance the elegance and artistry of this antique masterpiece. However, the inside of the piano needs a lot of work. All of the felt, cloth, and leather have been moth-eaten and will need to be replaced and the action will require a lot of attention. But when we finish, it will be restored to its former glory!

The Westwood House in 1890
Westwood Mansion in 1890
The Westwood House Today
Westwood Mansion

Check out this article about the 10 bedroom/10 bath Westwood Mansion rescued by Knox Heritage (there’s a lot of beautiful pictures, too!): https://www.wbir.com/article/life/historic-westwood-house-now-home-to-knox-heritage/51-312198647