A piano tuner strictly tunes.

A piano technician can tune and:

Can do minor, medium, major repairs

May be able to do a full restoration of your piano

Can replace broken strings

Can and will suggest that you have the interior of your piano cleaned

Will adjust your pedals so that they function properly and engage/disengage at the correct time

A piano technician may be able to extend the life of “keeping your piano tunable” longer than a tuner so that you do not need a restoration for a few more years.

A piano technician understands more of the mechanics of the piano and more than likely has been through extensive training.

A piano technician has more than likely been through an apprenticeship/mentor program where as a tuner does not have to.

A piano tuner will more than likely spend about 30 minutes and give you little or no advice on how to improve your piano and prolong it’s life.

A piano tuner may charge less than a technician, but you get what you pay for.

So would you rather have a piano tuner or a piano technician work on your piano?

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